[Mono-list] Object additional implicit operator.

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Fri Aug 15 15:16:20 EDT 2008

d3x0r wrote:
> Sorry, I'll drop this point.
> It would have been really really simple when the language was conceived to
> consider that a simple test for object existance should not require the
> specification of a null constant; nor should it require the extra overhead
> of a comparison operator.  A really simple check for existance.

"null" is a keyword in C#. There is no such thing like a null constant.

Anyway, if you can't stand the current C# specification, don't hesitate
to modify your own copy of gmcs, but don't touch System.Object or any 
other public API. This will assure that your assemblies are still
working on MS.NET and on other people's mono installation.

Good luck.


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