[Mono-list] Object additional implicit operator.

Andreas Färber andreas.faerber at web.de
Fri Aug 15 06:59:35 EDT 2008

Am 15.08.2008 um 02:59 schrieb d3x0r:

> Since this is open source, I was going to patch my own copy to add an
> extension to 'Object'.
> public static implicit operator bool( Object o ) {
>  return (o!=null);
> }
> but, the compiler throws an error 'cannot convert to or from a derived
> class'
> since this is IN Object, how can it be a 'derived' class?

System.Boolean is derived from System.ValueType which in turn is  
derived from System.Object. Everything derives from System.Object if  
I'm not mistaken.

Instead of patching your copy of System.Object rather create a  
converter class with a ToBoolean(object o) method.


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