[Mono-list] Mono Performance and Stability issues (ASP.Net)

Artyom artyomtnk at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 14 14:39:32 EDT 2008

> Mono versions before 2.0 have had hidden 
> performance issues which we've fixed during
> the 2.0 development phase. Please try benchmarking
> with mono, mod_mono and xsp from
> the svn trunk (or the 2.0 branch) - the results will be much better.

Thanks I'll try to take a look, thou I know that this is known
issue and not something I misconfigured.

> Yes, output caching is not fully implemented under Mono.
> Finishing it is planned
> sometime after the 2.0 is released.

Thanks, I just thought that some kind of cache is already working

> Feel free to contribute if you need it earlier
> and you can allot some time to the task :)

I'm not C# programmer or I really like Asp.Net, I just need 
it for technology comparison.

Thanks for you help.


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