[Mono-list] Mono Performance and Stability issues (ASP.Net)

Artyom artyomtnk at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 14 09:03:55 EDT 2008


I'd try to perform some benchmarks of ASP.Net based CMS using mono
but I got into few issues:

1. Performance stability issues. As more benchmarks I run 
   this xsp/mod-mono/mono-server-fastcgi become slower. Even with
   simple application (like Hello World) I get 300 requests per
   second first time I run benchmark (ab -c 5 -n 500 URL) then 
   this number become lower and lower and **never** returns to the
   original level.
   I've seen reports on same problem there as well:
   I also had written about it there:
   This makes all possible measurements irrelevant because the results
   are not consistent

2. I can't enable output cache support. I created a simple ASP.Net
   application that shows clock and added Output cache directive.
   that stores the cache for 10 seconds. I tested it under IIS
   refreshing the page under IIS does not change clock value.
   Same application caching hadn't given any result under

   And Yes, I had reas this FAQ:

I use ASP.Net 2 application.
I run mono 1.9.1 --- under Debian 64 bit. I had tested all possible
mono web servers (XSP2, apache-mod-mono and lighttpd+fastcgi setup).

Question 1:
  Is there any way to solve above two issues? 

Question 2:
  Assuming that two above issues are solved,
  How mono web server is compared to IIS web server in terms of
  performance for **real world** application. Is it correct to 
  assume that mono performance will be close to asp.net one. (I mean
  difference x2/x0.5 is fine for me but not order of magnitude).

Thanks a lot,

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