[Mono-list] Can anyone suggest how to get started with 3d rendering in mono

Daniel Hofmann daniel at hofmannmail.ath.cx
Tue Aug 12 07:11:02 EDT 2008


as for an alternative to the pyopengl bindings useable from c#, the 
is probably the way to go. They have several great bindings to different 
C-APIs. http://www.taoframework.com/project
There are packages for debian and probably as well for ubuntu. On debian 
share the prefix libtaoframework-*.

But as the name "bindings" suggests, Tao.OpenGl for example only 
provides the functionality of opengl which of its own doesn't have any 
easy to use canvas.

There are many Frameworks out there that extend the basic opengl 
(csgl, clutter, sdl, glfw).
Within the tao-project Tao.Sdl and Tao.Glfw provide the functionality of 
having a window to draw stuff in, processing user input etc. but still 
don't integrate very well with GUI-toolkits. Maybe that's already what 
you were looking for .. (There's also Tao.FreeGlut but that's pretty 

If you really need 3d canvas widget functionality this of course depends 
on the GUI-Toolkit you're using.
If you're using gtk# there's http://www.mono-project.com/GtkGLAreaSharp 
though I
don't know much about it, and I'm afraid the installation could be far 
from straightforward.

hope this helps a bit,

alanb wrote:
> I am new to mono and working on an linux system, having previously written ms
> c# on windows. I am writing a small application to generate tool paths for a
> simple cnc system I have built (its a hobby). I would like to include a 3d
> display of the path so that I can see what the output would be. I have some
> knowledge of 3d graphics theory but dont want to start from scratch (cant
> see the need). So can someone suggest a good package that I can use, I would
> like a 3d canvas widget that I can program against. I have looked around the
> net and found it most confusing regarding openGL which I assume is the way
> to go. I liked the look of the python opengl library it looked easy to work
> with however I do want to stick with c# as it is my preferred language. So
> can anyone suggest a c# based opengl framework available on ubuntu 8.04
> seemingly as easy to use as the pyopengl one. 
> thanks
> Alan 

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