[Mono-list] installing mono and the sdk on ubuntu hardy heron

Casper Bang casper at jbr.dk
Sun Aug 10 20:16:58 EDT 2008

Ubuntu repositories are a little behind, 1.2.6 or something like that. 
What I did was to follow the howto on this site:
This will install 1.9.1 which as far as I understand, is about 6 months 
old - however contains all the cool .NET 3.0 stuff I have needed to play 

Note that Mono 2.0 preview is out if you REALLY want to get with the 
latest and greatest, although not an Ubuntu package but as a binary:


Ben Aurel wrote:
> hi
> My aim is to try F# on ubuntu hardy heron and therefore I like to
> install a stable and actual mono environment.
> I thought it would be nice to set up a development environment for C#.
> I was looking for some kind of a guide like
> http://manuals.jakbot.com/doku.php?id=os:ubuntu:java_setup_ubuntu .
> Reading a few websites, I saw different approaches including
> installing everything from source.
> I'm looking for something like "apt-get install mono-sdk".
> Is there a apt package for something like that?
> thanks
> ben
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