[Mono-list] Operating System for Mono Development

Jon Cosby jon at jcosby.com
Thu Aug 7 10:44:11 EDT 2008

Joe Riopel wrote:
> Hi all,
> What operating system are most people running when doing Mono
> development (C#, ASP.NET, etc)? If you're using a Linux distribution
> please be specific. I am currently running Slackware 12.0, but I am
> going to be working on some more C# projects and I remember having a
> tough time getting Mono running with Slackware 11.x (and never
> successfully got MonoDevelop working).

Any Linux distro *should* be supported. Given that the Mono Project is 
sponsored by Novell, openSUSE may have an edge. If nothing else, all of 
the stable packages are regularly maintained and available in the 
openSUSE repos.


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