[Mono-list] Deployment of a C# application

Chris Howie cdhowie at gmail.com
Mon Aug 4 08:40:27 EDT 2008

On Mon, Aug 4, 2008 at 3:32 AM, theallan <allan.jardine at sprypanel.com> wrote:
> Hello all,
> I wonder if anyone can offer a little advice to me for how I can deploy a C#
> application that I've put together? Basically what the program does is to
> take a file and parse it, and I would like to deploy it on an IIS
> web-server, or Apache with the Mono module. On Unix what I would do is to
> have the program as an interpreter, and at the top of the file I want parsed
> (marked as executable) I would have '#!/path/to/prog'. Is there any way I
> can do this with my Mono compiled exe file?

If your application is a proper CGI application (which means that you
can't use ASP.NET as far as I know, since it's not remotely close to
CGI at all) then you can do so by putting this at the top of your

#!/usr/bin/mono /path/to/prog

Adjusting the path to Mono as necessary.  If your application uses
ASP.NET then there is no straightforward way to accomplish this.

Chris Howie

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