[Mono-list] Creating Silverlight/Moonlight application

Andrus Moor kobruleht2 at hot.ee
Wed Apr 30 15:29:27 EDT 2008


> With Silverlight, the content gets downloaded by the browser and run
> locally - it is not run server-side, so there is no need for something
> like mod_mono.

Thank you.

I'm planing to create Silverlight ERP application which uses PostgreSQL 
large data tables.

I want users to allow view, navigate and  edit those tables in DataGrid.
So it must implement virtual mode and caching in some way. It should use 
paged data access to retrive 20 entities per page and cache two pages in 
client as List<TEntity>.

I'm interested how to setup access to server data using Mono and npgsql. 
Should I setup Web Service or WCF to get the data over to the client 
application ?

Will this require using mod_mono or is it better to use Mono application 
without Apache ? Where to find information and sample for this ? Adding such 
quickstart sample application would be useful.


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