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mandel at themacaque.com mandel at themacaque.com
Mon Apr 21 04:50:05 EDT 2008


That is amazing!!! We are a group of developers that have started  
developing a "different CMS" using mono. We have taking a very  
different approach and we were looking for such a lib. On top of that  
we have develop an API to access different DBMS in an oo way with no  
configuration files.

We want to release all our work open source and it would be awesome if  
we can collaborate in  some way.

Currently we have not released nothing yet, although you can see a  
small example of how to design objects to be stored in a database here:


Documentation is not yet complete (that why we need the monodoc tool :) ).

Is there anyway you could add some kind of versioning. Let registered  
users edit the documentation but keeping the older copy in case the  
change was not adequate? what about adding a diff tool?

Let me know if we can help you in anything.



Quoting Ben Joldersma <ben at skullsquad.com>:

> Mandel,
> Glad you like it :)
> I met Eric (firerabbit?) on Friday, and he has started a similar project.
> I'm going to take a look at integrating the two projects, he mentioned at
> least two cool features of his work, that it reads the assembled zip files,
> and syncs the tree (and maybe has search indexing?)  Let me know if there's
> anything else you'd like to see go into it.
> EmergeTk is a web building toolkit I've been working on for the last few
> years.  I'll send out a note when we get the new release out, and the site
> up, so you can see tutorials and stuff.
> Here is anon svn info:
> get these two projects.
> https://skullsquad.com/svn/emergeTk/emergeTk/trunk
> https://skullsquad.com/svn/monodoconline
> If you have some trouble building, maybe we can get on IRC and take a look.
> My brother is putting together some tutorials on getting the projects
> running, but we aren't quite there yet :)
> best,
> --ben
> On Sun, Apr 20, 2008 at 9:39 AM, <mandel at themacaque.com> wrote:
>> Quoting Ben Joldersma <ben at skullsquad.com>:
>>  Folks,
>> >
>> > I made an online monodoc editor/browser using emergetk (and mono, xsp2,
>> > mysql, ...)   Parses the generated xml files, not the assembled objects.
>> > It's pretty quick to edit, if you want to try, you can use editor/editor
>> > for
>> > username & password.
>> >
>> > http://doc.emergetk.skullsquad.com
>> >
>> > If there is any interest in the source files, let me know and I'm happy
>> > to
>> > post an archive.  I'm also going to ship it as a sample for our upcoming
>> > release of emergetk.
>> >
>> > best,
>> >
>> > --
>> > ben joldersma
>> > software architect
>> > http://skullsquad.com
>> > [o]: 206.973.8003
>> > [c]: 206.349.2852
>> >
>> >
>> Hi,
>> That is awesome, is there anyway I could get the code to play around with
>> it?? I've been looking for such a solution and I did not like the current
>> APS app or monodoc2html.
>> One other question, what is emergetk??
>> Regards Manuel
> --
> ben joldersma
> software architect
> http://skullsquad.com
> [o]: 206.973.8003
> [c]: 206.349.2852

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