[Mono-list] Open Source PDF generating library - works flawlessly with Mono v1.9

Eugene Dragoev e_dragoev at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 20 21:49:00 EDT 2008


I just tested the Open Source Edition of our PDF generating library and it
works flawlessly on Linux using Mono v1.9.


The library is using BSD license without the advertising clause.

The generated PDFs are a lot smaller when running under Mono compared to the
ones generated under .NET. Other than that everything else is the same.

If somebody is having printing problems - give it a try :-)

I am very impressed by the Linux installer for Mono. Very nice and everything
went really smooth. I am curious if there are plans for a simple runtime
environment (similar to the JRE in the Java world)?

Best Regards,


P.S. I thought about benchmarking Java, .NET and Mono using the library - which
has exactly the same code, but my concern is that both Java and .NET do not
allow benchmarking. (I know about .NET for sure - can't remember about Java)
I would think Mono shouldn't have this restriction - is this correct?

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