[Mono-list] Monodoc online editor/browser

mandel at themacaque.com mandel at themacaque.com
Sun Apr 20 12:39:11 EDT 2008

Quoting Ben Joldersma <ben at skullsquad.com>:

> Folks,
> I made an online monodoc editor/browser using emergetk (and mono, xsp2,
> mysql, ...)   Parses the generated xml files, not the assembled objects.
> It's pretty quick to edit, if you want to try, you can use editor/editor for
> username & password.
> http://doc.emergetk.skullsquad.com
> If there is any interest in the source files, let me know and I'm happy to
> post an archive.  I'm also going to ship it as a sample for our upcoming
> release of emergetk.
> best,
> --
> ben joldersma
> software architect
> http://skullsquad.com
> [o]: 206.973.8003
> [c]: 206.349.2852


That is awesome, is there anyway I could get the code to play around  
with it?? I've been looking for such a solution and I did not like the  
current APS app or monodoc2html.

One other question, what is emergetk??

Regards Manuel

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