[Mono-list] Impersonating users with mod_mono

Joshua Tauberer jit at occams.info
Sat Apr 19 07:32:08 EDT 2008

Johann MacDonagh wrote:
> I am developing an ASP.NET application running on OpenSUSE for a set  
> of users. These users will have accounts on the OpenSUSE box. I was  
> wondering if it was possible to set up Apache and my web.config file  
> to prompt the user for their account information (using a HTTP 401  
> request), and have the current apache thread impersonate and actually  
> run as that user.

There's no way to do it through a simple configuration, as far as I 
know. mod_mono passes off requests to the mod-mono-server process, so 
the user switching would have to be done in mod-mono-server, not in 
Apache. mod-mono-server runs as the apache (or equivalent) user, so the 
password would have to be passed into mod-mono-server (I'm not sure if 
that happens now with HTTP auth) and different privileges could I think 
only be achieved by shelling 'su'.

- Josh Tauberer


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