[Mono-list] [ANN] Npgsql2 Beta3 Released!! - Correction

Francisco Figueiredo Jr. francisco at npgsql.org
Mon Apr 7 06:26:52 EDT 2008

 Hi, all!!

  The Npgsql Development Team is proud to announce the Npgsql2 Beta3 release!

  Npgsql is a .Net Data provider written 100% in C# which allows .net
  programs to talk to postgresql backends. Npgsql is licensed under BSD.
  More info can be obtained from http://www.npgsql.org

  This release is one of the better done for Npgsql ever.

  One of the big highlights of it is the great job on scalability done
  by Jon Hanna. Npgsql, by default, doesn't cache all the data read from
  database before delivering it to clients. Now it is delivered on
  demand which gives a big benefit regarding used memory and
  consequently in scalability as application servers will be able to use
  the memory which was being used by Npgsql in past. You can see some
  details here:

  Another highlight is the release of a version with support for
Entity Framework beta3.
(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ADO.NET_Entity_Framework and
http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa697427(VS.80).aspx)  Thanks
Josh Cooley for this!
This support is available on .net 3.5 and is our first release with
this type of support. Please, give it a try and let us know what you

  You can see full changelog and release notes here:

  You can dowload it from here: http://downloads.npgsql.org
  Direct links:


  I'd like to thank God for allowing me to do that.

  I'd like to thank Josh Cooley for all his help. Jon Hanna for his
  great job adding on demand data fetching, Alaric Dailey, David
  Bachmann and Hiroshi Saito for all their feedback and patches and all
  users who sent bug reports, comments and fixes. We couldn't make it
  without your help. Thank you very much!

  Please, give it a try and let us know if you have any problems.
  Check out our forums: http://forums.npgsql.org


Francisco Figueiredo Jr.

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