[Mono-list] Npsql parameter with leading '?'

Manuel de la Pena mandel at themacaque.com
Wed Apr 2 19:05:46 EDT 2008

Hi guys, 

I have been doing some work with IDataParameters and IDbCommands using
the Npsql ADO connector. I've noticed that the Npsql adds a ':' infront
of my parameters name which I have named as '?' + 'parameter_name'. 

I have used the '?' as it is done with the OracleClient, is this the
correct behaviour/approach?

I have checked the code and Npsql does accept '@' and ':' as the leading
chars of the named parameters. Should '?' also be accepted? I'm sure I
am not the only one that has made this error.

Cheers for you great work,


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