[Mono-list] Mono Embedding: manage events

Ing. Francesco Carsana francescocarsana at ds4.it
Wed Apr 2 03:12:13 EDT 2008

> The recommended way is to declare the handlers as icalls in
> managed code:

The problem is that I can't modify .NET assembly source code.
I only know that assembly has this event:

   public event ConnectionEventHandler OnConnectionEvent;

where ConnectionEventHandler is:

   public delegate void ConnectionEventHandler(string n, bool c);

To manage that event in C#:

   s = new Session();
   s.OnConnectionEvent += new 
ConnectionEventHandler(s_OnConnectionEvent);   // Attach to receive Event

where s_OnConnectionEvent is:

   void s_OnConnectionEvent(string n, bool b)

In my C++ wrapper class to this assembly, I have to find a way
to pass a function pointer (or something else) to the assembly in
order to manage that event. Is it possible?
Is there another way to do that?
Could someone please give me an example, please?

Thank You.


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