[Mono-list] Mono Installation for Debian (apache2)

Lorenzo Viola info at eulogika.net
Thu Sep 27 09:20:21 EDT 2007

Gregory Forkin ha scritto:
> This is a real Mono Newbie question on installation... Sorry for the  
> asking but I cannot find any documentation to circumvent the problem.
> Has anyone successfully installed Mono-server2 for use with ASP.NET on  
> Debian Etch? I currently run the libapache2 package from Debian to  
> support PHP5 (among other things) so I cannot use the prepackaged  
> version on Debians Meeby site, as it replaces the backend server. When  
> it does that other critical functionality is lost.
> In an attempt to compile from source I am having an issue because the  
> current version of Apache I use in on MPM-Prefork version.
> Has anyone successfully gotten from source to Debian Etch with and  
> included the standard Apache modules? If so, do you have your  
> installation instructions and would you share them?

I was in your same situation, the best solution for me was :

download the complete mono package from either




then decompress, and launch

./configure --prefix=/usr

make install


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