[Mono-list] mod-mono bad crashing, here is the squirrel !

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Wed Sep 26 10:12:04 EDT 2007

Lorenzo Viola wrote:
> Apache2 was crashing because of this line of code...
> DbCommandBuilder idbCommBuild = null;
> idbCommBuild = new MySqlCommandBuilder((MySqlDataAdapter)da);
> idbCommBuild.ConflictOption = ConflictOption.OverwriteChanges;
> the ConflictOption was needed for the Mysql .NET Windows connector to 
> work.....................
> Sorry for bothering anyone on the list...
> Anyway , I really hope for an ASP.Net debugger...
> Loosing days of work for such errors is a real pain...
> What can I do to help about the ASP.Net debugger ?
> It would be better for me to invest time helping on the debugger,
> than loosing time catching bugs without it...

It would be really nice, if you would try to find out why the line

	idbCommBuild.ConflictOption = ConflictOption.OverwriteChanges;

is crashing MySqlClient, respectively Mono.


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