[Mono-list] newbie: "using System.Data.MySql" fails

Daniel Soto daniel.soto2k at gmail.com
Tue Sep 18 10:29:36 EDT 2007

Hello :-)

The same problem happened to me, but in a web application.
Are you compiling with mcs? In my case, these driver not worked fine in 
.net 1.1 (mcs, mono-apache-server, xsp) but it worked fine in .net 2.0 
(gmcs, mono-apache-server2, xsp2).

Try compiling with gmcs.


R.A.M. escribió:
> Hello
> I am writing my first Mono console application that connects to MySQL
> database. I have installed MySQL 5.0, I installed MySQL Connector .NET
> driver and I copied it to GAC with a command: sudo gacutil -i
> MySql.Data.dll. I have created new C# project (TestMono) in MonoDevelop with
> such code:
> using System;
> using System.Data.MySql;
> namespace TestMono
> {
>     class MainClass
>     {
>         public static void Main(string[] args)
>         {
>         ...
>         }
>     }
> }
> The problem is that I receive a compile error:
> [Task:File=/home/robert/Projects/TestMono/TestMono/Main.cs, Line=2,
> Column=1, Type=Error, Description=The type or namespace name
> `System.Data.MySql' could not be found. Are you missing a using directive or
> an assembly reference?(CS0246)
> I also tried to add reference to copy of MySql.Data.dll but I got the same
> message. However, I would prefer to have my driver in GAC.
> Could anyone help me please to solve the problem?
> Thanks!
> /RAM/

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