[Mono-list] What features would be missed when developing with Silverlight/Moonlight for the desktop?

Steven Schulze sschulze at vmware.com
Mon Sep 17 11:56:38 EDT 2007

It seems to me (although I hope I am wrong), that an important part missing
from Silverlight is simple things like right-click (context menus), scroll
wheel etc.  It seems to me they took the path of least common denominator (a
single-button mouse) and that this is very wrong when you need to develop
real apps.

As I said, I might be wrong about this and that there is full mouse support,
but from the little bit of info I got on this, you are limited to a
single-button (other than the Silverlight About context item).

Seems like a minor point but I think if you want to create rich apps you need
this functionality.

Please tell me I am wrong and that there is full mouse support!

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> developing with Silverlight/Moonlight for the desktop?
> Hi all!
> I've been looking for a list of things that WPF support that 
> Silverlight doesn't, but all I've gotten is partial 
> definitions. Anyone knows where to look?
> Also I was wondering... if developing desktop applications 
> with Silverlight/Moonlight is possible, what features are to 
> be missed compared to:
> 1. Other "traditional" toolkits: GTK, Qt/KDE, Winforms...
> 2. The new bleeding edge WPF.
> 3. Which are the "complications" when developing desktop 
> applications with something thought for the web space.
> I've seen the impressive NYTimes reader that was done in WPF 
> running equally well on Silverlight so, apart from 3D 
> acceleration (which I don't know of many desktop applications 
> that need it), I don't know what other things one could miss 
> when targeting the desktop. I guess, maybe local data storage 
> in a desktop way is a bit more complicated to go through?
> Thanks for any response.
> Cheers!
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