[Mono-list] mod_mono failing

Joshua Tauberer jit at occams.info
Sun Sep 16 10:07:45 EDT 2007

Jorge Bastos wrote:
> Mod_mono is still giving errors on apache start/stop/restart, I have the 
> latest mod_mono SVN today.
> [Sun Sep 16 09:50:03 2007] [warn] (22)Invalid argument: Failed to 
> destroy the '/tmp/mod_mono_dashboard_XXGLOBAL_1' shared memory dashboard

As I think I mentioned (maybe on another recent thread?), this comes up 
but seems to have no ill effects.

> And for some reason mod_mono stop’s him self from working, I have to 
> restart apache to make it work again.
> [Sun Sep 16 09:48:32 2007] [error] (107)Transport endpoint is not 
> connected: write_data failed
> [Sun Sep 16 09:48:33 2007] [alert] Failed to send initial data. 
> Transport endpoint is not connected

This seems to occur when mod_mono can't connect to a running 
mod-mono-server, and forking a new mod-mono-server is failing, possibly 
because an existing one is running.

I have the same problem intermittently, with mod-mono-server seeming to 
freeze up or something. Not sure what the deal is yet...

- Josh Tauberer


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