[Mono-list] AspNetEdit .... ??

Brandon Perry brandon at thresholdofthought.com
Fri Sep 14 16:41:42 EDT 2007

You can compile monodevelop with the --enable-aspnet and
--enable-aspnetedit flags (ie autogen.sh --enable-aspnet

On Fri, 2007-09-14 at 15:15 -0400, Engler, Eric wrote:
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> >I am interesting in the development of mono in Linux, how i can install
> >the AspNetEdit visual environment in MonoDevelop 
> This isn't specifically a comment about Mono, but I wanted to point out
> the great difficultly Microsoft has had making a good Web form designer.
> Each release of VS sees improvements, but it's still a long way from
> being a real drag/drop development model.
> Almost nobody doing ASP.NET development can rely on the visual
> designers. They are at best able to help you get some tags into your
> code that can be further refined. At worst you can just work directly
> with the markup code.
> That said it is a worthy effort to move in that direction...
> Eric
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