[Mono-list] Little Mono Addins documentation errata

José A. Salvador Vanaclocha joansava at gmail.com
Mon Sep 10 12:32:44 EDT 2007


We are studying the mono addins architecture and  we have found a
little errata in the documentation, we think.

Concretely at the host xml ExtensionNode element definition in the
"Mono Addins Introduction" wich displays

<ExtensionPoint path = "/TextEditor/TypeExtensions/ICommand">
		<ExtensionNode objectType="ICommand"/>

where may be it would say

<ExtensionPoint path = "/TextEditor/TypeExtensions/ICommand">
		<ExtensionNode NAME="COMMAND" objectType="ICommand"/>

We show in uppercase the words we miss.

Other way, the sample won't can "cut & paste" to get some mini
application works with the mono addins aproach so the xml addin
definition shows like this:

		<Import assembly="SampleAddin.dll"/>
		<Addin id="TextEditor" version="1.0" />
	<Extension path = "/TextEditor/TypeExtensions/ICommand">
		<Command type="HelloWorldExtension" />

This xml structure uses the xml node COMMAND miss at the addin host defintion.

Excuse our bad english.

José A. Salvador Vanaclocha "Vana"

"La inspiración existe, pero tiene que encontrarte trabajando"
- Pablo Ruiz Picasso -

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de abrir, hazte un favor y trabaja con un programa decente:


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