[Mono-list] GemBox.Spreadsheet 2.9 supporting Mono

Zeljko at GemBox Software ZeljkoS at gemboxsoftware.com
Sun Sep 9 16:07:03 EDT 2007


After customer request, we have modified our .NET component to work with
Mono. To do so few minor changes were required and full rewrite of Random
methods (since .NET Framework and Mono return different random values for
the same seed).

Now we have our GemBox.Spreadsheet 2.9 .NET component (see news at
http://www.gemboxsoftware.com) natively working on Mono, and that allows
mono developer base to use it for XLS, CSV and XLSX import/export. Free
version of the component (it is limited to 150 rows) can be used in
commercial products, so it is a great value.


GemBox Software

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