[Mono-list] Socket under mono 1.2.3 (ubuntu feisty)

Damien DALY damien.daly at free.fr
Thu Sep 6 13:15:55 EDT 2007


I'm using a lib to have my custom Smtp server (I've made a simple mailing
list server).
This lib : http://www.lumisoft.ee/ (direct download :

It uses System.Net.Sockets.Socket as listening TCP Server.

When I use the LumiSoft.Net.SMTP.Server.SMTP_Server class (SMTP Server), it
does not seam to be listening...

It works under windows with microsoft framework, but under mono
1.2.3(Ubuntu feisty), either connecting to server or with netstat, I
don't see
any listening tcp related to my server.

I will do some tests under other OS (and other mono version).

May someone have an idea ?


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