[Mono-list] DockPanel or something like thtat for mono?

Maser, Dan Dan.Maser at inin.com
Thu Sep 6 09:13:24 EDT 2007

  I looked at DockPanel Suite a while back.  I saw how the Win32
interops were being used and figured it was reasonable to remove them.
In fact, Weifen Luo agrees... See this thread:


  The thread does mention that the MonoDevelop app has docking, and uses
Gtk#.  I've not checked, but if the interfaces are similar it might be
reasonable to make a wrapper class such that Win32 apps use the
DockPanel Suite and Linux apps use Gtk#? 

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is it possible to build mono apps with a GUI like VS or Eclipse?
a really great lib for that is Weifen Luo's DockPanel Suite. [1]

is there something equal for the mono world? the way monodevelop
implemented this isnt complete. they can minimize panels, but can't
autopopup and drag them around. or am i missing something at this point?

thx for any informations



[1] http://sourceforge.net/projects/dockpanelsuite

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