[Mono-list] Errors after update....:(

Joshua Tauberer jit at occams.info
Tue Sep 4 20:25:23 EDT 2007

Jaime Ventura wrote:
> Im using centos 4 and yum repo from the mono site.
> After updating mono, I got the following:
 > ...
> Starting httpd: [Tue Sep 04 15:25:29 2007] [crit] The unix daemon module 
> not initialized yet. Please make sure that your mod_mono module is 
> loaded after the User/Group directives have been parsed. Not 
> initializing the dashboard.

Ahha, so I'm not the only one who had their configuration in a weird order.

This is a new feature from Marek. Make sure all mod_mono directives 
(that set up applications, etc.) are after the User and Group directives 
in httpd.conf. If the Mono directives are loaded in from an included 
configuration file, make sure the include happens after User/Group.

- Josh Tauberer


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