[Mono-list] Official Mono Repository for Ubuntu?

Danny Stolle dev.info at chello.nl
Tue Sep 4 16:37:25 EDT 2007

Miguel de Icaza wrote:
>> I mean, really official packages, released along with the ones for
>> Suse and RedHat, that are really updated and follow the release
>> versions, not what we have today...
> We currently do not have plans;    Ubuntu seems to have some pretty good
> up to date packages though.
>> As a long time .NET developer, I would love to develop stuff for linux
>> using mono but right now it is easier to install it on windows and
>> code using SharpDevelop then on my ubuntu machine.
> You could try OpenSUSE :-)
> Miguel.
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I saw this posting and wanted to reply. I am currently using SusE10.1
and enthousiastic on the YAST capabilities for the first installation.
But I was having some difficulties with the mono-basic package. It had
dependency problems. But installing the package using commandline RPM
there was no trouble at all.

Even updating new packages is quite easy actually.


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