[Mono-list] Official Mono Repository for Ubuntu?

Natan Vivo nvivo.misc at gmail.com
Mon Sep 3 21:37:52 EDT 2007

Hi. I have been searching for this information on the archives, but couldn't
find a definitive answer to this question. So, here it goes:

Are there any plans to have an official mono repository for Ubuntu that have
updated versions?

I mean, really official packages, released along with the ones for Suse and
RedHat, that are really updated and follow the release versions, not what we
have today...

The linux installer for all dists doesn't really count. It doesn't go well
with a package manager. There are some repositories like badgerports, but
they are for badger, and don't work well on feisty...

As a long time .NET developer, I would love to develop stuff for linux using
mono but right now it is easier to install it on windows and code using
SharpDevelop then on my ubuntu machine.
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