[Mono-list] Howto: Build custom events

Danny Stolle dev.info at chello.nl
Sat Sep 1 11:35:26 EDT 2007

Hi all,

this perhaps sounds really dumb, but i have some trouble writing events
and raising them using C#. i have no trouble on writing classes having
its methods, properties, etc. but when it comes to events, i don't know
how to use them.

programming in VB6, I used Microsoft back then, was easy. you declared
the event you wanted, like: public event StatusOK(string message)
within the class you could raise the event by using: RaiseEvent
<eventname>: e.g. RaiseEvent StatusOK.

Now I am off VB and using C#. But can somebody please point me out to
some good documentation on how to write custom events for classes and
how to raise them in your apps.

Thanx a lot.


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