[Mono-list] File upload in asp.net and Path.GetFileName

David Temes dtemes at infoco.es
Wed Oct 31 14:52:26 EDT 2007

In windows file upload is working fine, but in linux whenever I send a file with internet explorer it seems that the FileName property of the uploaded file contains "\" that Path.GetFileName does not interpret as path separator.

So if I try to upload from my windows machine using IE the file c:\test.jpg to later save it in /tmp I end up with c:\test.jpg being the file name returned by Path.GetFileName (instead of just test.jpg) and trying to save a file as /tmp/c:\test.jpg, and that throws an exception.

Firefox for instance send only test.jpg as file name and it works fine.

Now my questions:

1- is there a best way to solve this problem?
2- if no, is turning every \ into / before using Path.GetFileName a good strategy or is it a bad practice?
3- Why does IE send all that path information?

Thanks in advance and regards

David Temes. 
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