[Mono-list] mono fastcgi asp 2.0 session lost

David Temes dtemes at infoco.es
Wed Oct 31 12:18:03 EDT 2007

I am testing fastcgi-mono with an asp 2.0 app that uses forms based security, and every now and then the session seems to be lost so that i get redirected to the login page, also i had some problems getting jpg,css and other "plain" files, even after passing the auth process. I have corrected the latest problem avoiding using fastcgi for the mentioned file types, but I have no clue about how to troubleshoot the session lost problem and dig further into the root of the problem.

At first I though it was becouse I accidentally omitted the "max-procs" => 1 in the fastcgi configuration, but with just 1 process I get the same.

The application works as expected with apache/mod_mono or xsp2.

I am using last fastcgi form SVN, lighttpd 1.4.16 and mono 1.2.4 in a xen virtualized debian server running kernel

I have created a very basic set of files (auth form, web config, global.asax and a couple of aspx files) hoping to have similar results (and also to have material to file a bug) but this is not the case, this very basic app works well.

David Temes. 

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  There no are any problem using the connector .net of mysql on mono. The binaries of this connector are supported by mono, because it is written in C# natively.

  I'm using the version I downloaded the zip binaries (not installer) and unzip in a directory. The binary MySql.Data.dll must be in the bin directory of your asp.net applicattion and execute gacutil -i to install in the gac. You also can compile with gmcs -r:MySql.Data.dll if you application is an executable.


  2007/10/30, J.S. Martin <josmar52789 at gmail.com>: 
    I wonder if I just used the Windows binary to install the connector - if I could just use the dlls from there... 

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