[Mono-list] Repeater LoadTemplate

Ulrik me at zns.se
Tue Oct 30 16:57:53 EDT 2007


This is my first post to the list. I have just started to port my own 
open source asp.net 2.0 project to Mono and I'm having some trouble 
using the repeaters loadtemplate. It seems mono can't handle it, because 
it throws an casting exception. Here's the code inside the usercontrol 
(ascx) that is being loaded as a template.

Item name is: 

The exception I get is that it can't cast the control to RepeaterItem. 
This does work fine under IIS though. Does anyone know if this is a 
known limitation or a bug, and if there is some workaround (except not 
using loadtemplate ofcourse)

I am running Mono under Windows 2003.


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