[Mono-list] "Beginner C# book": round two

Mads Bondo Dydensborg mbd at dbc.dk
Tue Oct 30 08:36:34 EDT 2007

[C# Precisely, by Sestoft et al]

> Looks like the nice thing is that this covers C# 2.0. If I understand
> correctly, that's supported in Mono 1.2, right?

Mostly, yes.

> It does not cover the framework, apart from a very few things.
> So this would exclude the class libraries. From a quick survey, it looks
> like those provide a lot of functionality. Would I be lacking if I didn't
> cover those quickly? For what it's worth, I'm mostly interested in
> contributing to some of the GNOME projects using Mono.

This book is about the core language. Its really very good for that. Hacking 
Mono sources is probably mostly framework. I can't say I would know much 
about that, really, and the book is _not_ about the framework, but the 

Please note, that it is quite short and concise - it really is a nice book if 
you already know how to program (which I am sure you do).



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