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Rolf Bjarne Kvinge rolflists at ya.com
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>This is not a Mono specific question but rather a forms question.  I have
done some VB.net programming and know how to open and hide forms using
>form2.open ()
>How is this done in C++.net 

I have no idea

> and in C#.net? 

form2 form = new form2 ();
form.Show ();
this.Hide ();

(which is the equivalent of the following VB code, since C# doesn't have
default instances, required for doing "form2.open ()")

Dim form As New form2
form.Show ()
Me.Hide ()


>I know to hide in c++.net is This-- >Hide but don't know how to open
another form (Form2).
>Can someone show me the code to hide and open forms in c++ and c#

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