[Mono-list] Using Windows Forms ListViewControl in the Mono Environment

Vasili Sviridov vsviridov at exceede.com
Sun Oct 28 14:23:40 EDT 2007

Get the MoMA (Mono migration analyzer) off the Mono's web site. Add all 
application binaries (executables and assemblies) and it will generate a 
report containing the list of missing methods. From there you'll see 
where you need to use workarounds or even rewrite parts to make them 
compatible with Mono.


Lee Rivers wrote:
> I am developing a project that uses Mono to convert C#.NET 
> applications to run in OpenSuSe10.2. The application is currently not 
> working in mono, but of course works fine in the windows environment. 
> Can anybody out there help in accomplishing this task?
> Any and all help is greatly appreciated.
> -Lee A. Rivers
> IT Specialist

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