[Mono-list] Unable to set up reliable hosting on Mono

Maxim Karavaev makska at yandex.ru
Sat Oct 27 18:30:57 EDT 2007

Hello Miguel,

Thanks you a lot for answer!

Sorry for my confusing mail and for my bad English.
Yes, on "buzz" I mean "hung".

We use default installation of Gentoo without any optimizations. I should mean only "ISP Manager" panel installed on it for web-hosting automation.
Some of those problems repeated on our other server on FC5, but more seldom. For example "System.IO.EndOfStreamException".
But second server has much less load, so we can't compare.
We will think about changing OS on our main server.

Of course, probably initial reason of this problems are bugs in code of our CMS or ORM engine, or in other used libraries, for example NVelocity.
But the main problem is: after mod_mono process get hung it did't restarted by itself. SA should login to server and "kill" hung process. In spite of different timeout settings, etc....

When we deploy some of our web-sites (compiled with MonoDevelop) on Windows with IIS6, they works during months without any problems.

We simple don't know how to set up apache and mod_mono in such a foolproof and reliable way.
We would be happy to find solution for this problem (and I think we are not alone).

With best wishes,

Maxim Karavaev

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