[Mono-list] Unable to set up reliable hosting on Mono

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Sat Oct 27 12:59:58 EDT 2007

Hello Maxim,

> For about several monhts we are tying to set up hosting on Mono (mono
>, Apache 2.2 on Gentoo i386).

We have had a number of hard to repeat errors on Gentoo in the past.
It has been a bit frustrating, because we try to help users on the IRC
channels, nobody can reproduce those errors, and almost always they are
using distributions that have some "optimized" flags for certains parts
of the system.

May I suggest that you try to use your application on a stable edition
of Debian, Red Hat or SUSE and report if the problem persists?

Now, it could very well be a Mono bug, but using a different
distribution would help us narrow down the problem.

Also, I do not know what "buzz" means;  Am guessing it means "hung", but
your email is confusing.


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