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murthy.sudarshan murthy.sudarshan at gmail.com
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My question is not about the style of citation, but the substance of
citation, specific to Mono.

For now, I will use 'Mono Project' as the publisher. Thanks for the

My $0.02: An authoritative publisher should be identified for Mono. The
publisher could be the 'Mono Project', but that name needs to be called out
in the 'About Mono' page. I don't see any such information as of now.


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On Wed, 2007-10-24 at 12:36 -0700, murthy.sudarshan wrote:
> How do I cite Mono in a (conference/journal/dissertation) publication? 
> I could not find the name of Mono's publisher on the Mono web site.

You should refer to an applicable book of writing style or citation
guidelines for the answer to this question.  Your University or Journal
probably has a book of writing style which they adhere to.  The Mono web
site does not have a single author who you could cite.

Alternatively you might tell us what exactly you intend to cite and there is
a chance that someone may say "that was me!".

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