[Mono-list] Regarding Cairo integration with Gtk in wiki

Anders Rune Jensen anders at iola.dk
Wed Oct 24 09:27:52 EDT 2007


I was reading up on how to integrate Cairo with Gtk and it appears the
wiki on http://www.mono-project.com/Drawing is quite outdated. In
particular it mentions the following:

A second choice (recommended) is to use a function provided in the
Mono.Cairo samples
This will work on all platforms and with older Gdk versions. The code
in question resides in Graphics.cs
and you can simply download & use this file in your project.

Firstly the svn.myrealbox.com link is broken so one can't see the file
directly but even more troubling is the fact that the code in
Graphics.cs is not the same as in Samples/sysdraw.cs and the code in
Graphics.cs doesn't seem to work for me. I spend quite a lot time this
morning trying to get Cairo to draw anything on the screen until I
found out that the code in Graphics.cs doesn't work, but the code in
sysdraw.cs does :( Graphics.cs at first even looks more "right" in
that it takes into account win32 but that is clearly not the case. I
googled a lot trying to get this working and found a guy writing to
the mailinglist asking why the wrapping is not integrated into mono?

I tried fixing the wiki but it appears that it requires some kind of
editor login so I was out of luck.

I'm sorry if this mails seems offending, but I'm just summing up what
I went through trying to get Cairo working.

Anders Rune Jensen

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