[Mono-list] Problems on CentOS

Angel Marin anmar at anmar.eu.org
Tue Oct 23 15:32:14 EDT 2007

Robin Pokorný wrote:
> I have the very same problem yesterday installing CentOS, I did not know
> what to do.
> Finally I solved it out, just install Mono using *Linux Installer *on the
> download page. In my opinion this is much more easier then compiling.
> Well it is not perfect, todays it can not register programs to the rpm
> database, but I read it should be corrected soon.
> Have fun using Mono on CentOS 5!

Just in case it's useful to someone, I recently setup a CentOS 5 repo of
mono for x86_64. It contains libgdiplus, mono, xsp, mod_mono and nant (I
use it for web servers).


>From the announcement:

"I've setup a yum repository with CentOS 5 mono builds (x86_64 arch
only). Not all mono components are there yet, right now I'm only
building the ones I need: libgdiplus, mono, xsp and mod_mono (nant is
also included).

The packages are built without any extra repository dependency, so
should work on stock (fully updated) CentOS5 installs and maybe RHEL5,
but I haven't tried. The repository will have the last two stable
releases and will track fedora's devel specs and patches as much as

I'm using the builds for production CentOS5 systems, so they are
reasonably tested and you'll get new builds following mono releases."

Angel Marin

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