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Tue Oct 16 10:08:00 EDT 2007

Hi Lists,

I'm new to Gtk# and Mono.
I recently played with mono/monodevelop and created a simple web browser.
Using Gtk# and geckosharp I was able to create a very simple webbrowser.
Though I was able to understand most of the Gtk# bindings for events
specially most Gtk widget events but I was havin' a hard time
making mouse clicks events in geckosharp using the Gecko.WebControl class.

Can anyone point me or can give me a simple how to in enabling the mouse
clicks in Gecko.WebControl class?
I was trying to make a popup menu for WebControl. I was able to make popup
control to any other Widgets except the Gecko.WebControl Class.
It seems geckosharp behaves differently in capturing events.
Tried the Gtk.WidgetEvents handler for WebControl and all I can process is
the Gdk.EventKey and Realized event.

Thank you so much lists...

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