[Mono-list] CS2008 : Can't dig to the source of the problem.

Daniel Nauck dna at informatik.uni-kiel.de
Tue Oct 16 09:00:48 EDT 2007


but don't forget to deny access to .svn folders, otherwise everybody can
access your sourcecode or other sensitive data from the .svn folders.

This should help:

   <add verb="*" path="*.svn*" type="System.Web.HttpForbiddenHandler" />


Daniel Nauck schrieb:
> Vasili Sviridov schrieb:
>> Looks like i've found the culprit. My App_Code folder contained .svn 
>> folder, apparently this breaks compilation. As soon as the .svn was 
>> removed everything started working fine.
>> Although this is not the best solution, as I want to have that folder 
>> under version control. Is there a way to tell the compiler to ignore ".svn"?
>> Thanks,
>> V.
> What version of mono are you using? This problem don't exist on svn head.
> Daniel

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