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Brenton Partridge bapartridge at gmail.com
Sun Oct 14 15:23:07 EDT 2007


On Oct 14, 2007, at 1:27 AM, <cichlasoma at centrum.cz>  
<cichlasoma at centrum.cz> wrote:

>  hi. when i create a gtk# application in sharpdevelop and i try to  
> run it, it compiles, yet i get "Exception  
> System.DllNotFoundException was thrown in debuggee: cannot load the  
> DLL library (glibsharpglue)." (the part after the semicolon baeing  
> in my language.) i'm on windows xp, have mono installed,  
> the named dll is in the mono\bin directory. any ideas what could be  
> the problem, please?

Just warning you, I'm a little bit of a noob at this, so there's no  
guarantee, but you could try either of these:

a) Put the dll in the mono\lib directory and recompile.

b) If that doesn't work, put the dll somewhere else, navigate to the  
directory where the dll is, and run:
$ gacutil -i glibsharpglue.dll
See http://www.mono-project.com/Assemblies_and_the_GAC

> and a question more - how do i set a .NET application to run on  
> mono istead of .NET if i have the both istalled. (if possible.)

Try running it it using the mono command from the command line, i.e.
$ mono my_app.exe
instead of double clicking it or running
$ my_app.exe


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