[Mono-list] [ANN] OpenTF 0.5.2 release - new name, vs2005, rpm

Joel Reed joelwreed at gmail.com
Wed Oct 10 23:15:53 EDT 2007

Version 0.5.4 of open source Team Foundation for Mono is now available at

*** PLEASE NOTE: The project has been renamed from tf4mono to OpenTF. ***

This is a development update with VS2005 project files, a spec file for RPM
packaging, new commands (lock, version, show [ build | cache | ident | stats | tools ]),
numerous API and usability enhancements, and many bugfixes.

A detailed changelog can be found below.

To learn more about many of the unique features found in OpenTF see: 

Example invocations of the opentf client can be found here:

Enhancements include:

# add VS2005 project files and solution for building opentf on Windows
# add spec file for building RPMs on OpenSuse
# add "lock" command
# add "show stats" command to show server statistics
# add "show tools" command to show registered tools
# add "show build" command to show build configuration
# add "show ident" command to show server account information
# rename "tf cache" to "tf show cache"
# implement "tf changeset /latest" and test case
# implement "tf history /user:FOO" for filtering history queries by user
# implement "tf history /version:<vspec>" - but not ranges!
# add "tf history /format:byowner" and test case
# add "tf version" command to print program version number
# add "Server.Default" setting 
# teach File.Excludes to support directory specifications as well as
file glob patterns
# teach tf shelveset the "name;owner" syntax for specifying a shelveset

API Enhancements

# The following classes were added (partial implementations)

  ICredentialsProvider, ArtifactType, ChangeType, Database, 
  IGroupSecurityService, IRegistration, Identity, IdentityType, 
  QueryMembership, OutboundLinkType, RegistrationEntry, SearchFactor 
  and ServiceInterface classes

# Implement VersionControlServer.GetLatestChangesetId
# Implement TeamFoundationServer.CheckAuthentication
# Started work on Microsoft.TeamFoundation.WorkItemTracking.Client assembly

Bugfixes include:

# BUGFIX: rework exit codes throughout for more consistency
# BUGFIX: tf shelveset /owner:<owner> should filter results by owner
# BUGFIX: add column headers to history /format:brief output
# BUGFIX: tf get /force shouldn't set preview mode!
# BUGFIX: properly label renames in tf status output
# BUGFIX: make sure all files in a directory are read-write before
attempting to delete a directory containing these files
# BUGFIX: handle QueryHistory requests with maxCount > 256

What is Team Foundation / Team System?
Team Foundation is a 'collection of collaborative technologies that
support a team effort to deliver a product' from Microsoft that 
includes bug tracking, source control, and other capabilities.'

Team Foundation powers Microsoft's CodePlex site and is used in many 
corporate environments. 

Team Foundation for Mono provides the TF client for accessing 
Team Foundation Servers as well as the Microsoft.TeamFoundation.* 
assemblies related to Version Control. 

An example of accessing CodePlex to pull the latest version of 
the "Turtle" project is below.

CodePlex Example Usage
In the commands below,
   UID = your codeplex user name
   PWD = your codeplex password
   MACHINENAME = your machine name (or any other random name)

First create a workspace:

  tf /server:https://tfs01.codeplex.com /login:snd\\UID,PWD 
  workspace /new "MACHINENAME;UID"

Then map the "Turtle" project to a local folder:

  tf /server:https://tfs01.codeplex.com /login:snd\\UID,PWD 
  workfold "$/Turtle" ~/Source/turtle

Then pull the files:

  tf /server:https://tfs01.codeplex.com /login:snd\\UID,PWD get 
  ~/Source/turtle /recursive

Then you could review the history, review a changeset, then look
at the diff of the changeset. Note: the examples below assume
the tf client "Credentials.Save" option was enabled.

  cd ~/Source/turtle
  tf history /recursive .
  tf changeset 340
  tf diff C340

More examples can be found in the docs/examples/ folder.

Source and Packages
Deb packages, Win32 packages, RPM packages, and source tarball available here:

Additionally, a git clone of the source tree can be made with:

    git clone git://repo.or.cz/tfs.git

This is where most development happens.

SVN users can check out the semi-regularly updated project source code at:

    svn checkout http://opentf.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ opentf

Project Site
There is a Google Code Project Site for opentf, the URL is:

There is a Google Discussion Group for opentf as well. The URL is:

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