[Mono-list] PKCS7 Mail

Trimble, Nathan G nathan.trimble at pnl.gov
Tue Oct 9 12:52:07 EDT 2007

I need some advice for programmatically creating smime email.  I have
been trying to use MailMessage, EnvelopedCms, and X509Certificate2 under
.Net 2.0 to create an encrypted mail message.  I have a certificate from
my organization's pki in .p7c pkcs7 format.  When I try to create an
X509Certificate2 object using it I get an exception.  It would appear
that format is not supported using this class.  I'm now looking at the
Mono.Security.X509 namespace.  Does anyone know if there is something in
Mono I could use to get a .p7c certificate imported into my program for
this purpose?  Thanks.

N8 Trimble
nathan.trimble at pnl.gov 

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