[Mono-list] Can't compile cont...

Abe Gillespie abe.gillespie at gmail.com
Tue Oct 9 01:47:56 EDT 2007

I'm starting to suspect there's a problem with my glib library
(perhaps different versions installed from yum and those installed by
my host???) because I'm getting:

GLib: Cannot convert message: Could not open converter from 'UTF-8' to

The only real change I can think of between when I could build 1.2.4
fine and now where I can't build the latest OR 1.2.4 is perhaps
something I installed with yum ... and perhaps one of the dependencies
was glib???

Unfortunately using --with-glib=embedded causes a whole slew of other errors.

Any ideas?  I'd appreciate any help someone might offer - I'm hoping
to use my Linux Host and Mono to run a Facebook app I'm working on.


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