[Mono-list] Some questions related to System.Xml in Mono

murthy.sudarshan murthy.sudarshan at gmail.com
Sun Oct 7 17:31:03 EDT 2007


I have downloaded Mono and have a couple of questions related to

* What role do the Mono.Xml.* packages play in System.Xml(.*)? I see that
the two sets of packages depend on each other, but can't figure out the need
for the Mono.Xml(.*) packages.

* Compiling the System.Xml portion (along with the related Mono packages)
reports three errors, all related to parsing
- 1. System.Xml.XPath, Tokenizer.cs references an undefined base class
- 2. Mono.Xml.Xsl, Compiler.cs references undefined classes XPathParser and
XsltPatternParser (on Lines 367 and 368 respectively).

It seems that these two errors are related. Based on my reading on the web,
it seems like Jay is used to generate the classes XPathParser and
XsltPatternParser. Also, it seems like the make process uses a jay file and
some template code to generate these classes.

Is my understanding correct?

I am curious about the rationale for not including the necessary code Jay
generates in the tar. Including the code would immensely help poor souls
like me (who are just trying to read and understand code). 

I had greatly appreciate it if one of you posts the generated code?
Alternatively, it would be useful to have instructions to generate the
necessary code in MS Windows environment without having to build the entire
distribution (which seems virtually impossible to do in VS 2005)

Thanks in advance,

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