[Mono-list] Question Debian Install Mono

Lorenzo Viola info at eulogika.net
Mon Oct 1 09:08:33 EDT 2007

Gregory Forkin ha scritto:
> Sorry for this Mono Newbie question. I am attempting to run Asp.net  
> programs on Debian and need some advice/help to get Mono installed.
> I want to install Mono on a Debian system, however the current  
> distribution for debian lacks certain neccessary modules (php5, etc).
> Has anyone been successful at compiling Mono for Debian with  
> additional Apache modules? If so, do you have your instructions from  
> when you did this (prefork -mpm-worker is my main problem).
> Or do you know if I can some how install Mono as a second version of  
> Apache (so that I am running 2 Apaches).


I'm using 2 apaches (apache1 with mono 1.1 and apache2 with mono 2)
on different ports

the debian packages have still lot of bugs to integrate...so I use this
procedure :

download the complete mono package from either




then decompress, and launch

./configure --prefix=/usr

make install

this overwrites just the DLLs files under /usr/lib/mono, so there is no
collateral effect on the system...


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