[Mono-list] Code Change Needed for MySql Connector/Net

Kenneth H. Brannigan kbrannigan at vitruviansolutions.com
Fri Nov 30 01:19:26 EST 2007

I just wanted to let everyone know if you use the MySql Connector/NET  
and you are unable to connect you might need to make the foloowing  
coding change to the MySql.Data.dll code:

	    Socket socket = unix ?
				new Socket(AddressFamily.Unix, SocketType.Stream, ProtocolType.IP) :
				new Socket(AddressFamily.InterNetwork, SocketType.Stream,  


             // Following code causes issue on MONO.
             //IAsyncResult ias = socket.BeginConnect(endPoint, null,  
             //if (!ias.AsyncWaitHandle.WaitOne((int)timeOut * 1000,  
             //    socket.Close();
             //    return null;
             //    socket.EndConnect(ias);
             //catch (Exception)
             //    socket.Close();
             //    return null;
			NetworkStream stream = new NetworkStream(socket, true);
			return stream;

Once I changed the code to no longer use the asynchronous method  
everything connected perfectly.


Kenneth H. Brannigan

Vitruvian Solutions®, LLC
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